Welcome 2010

While some of you were just getting to sleep, the rest of us awoke to a beautiful snow covered morning.  In taking a nice walk around the town, it became apparent, that a Belvidereian New Year’s day included such winter joys as sleigh riding and snowman building. (Anyone check out the giant on Hardwick?) Why, I even noticed a few young children,

armed with snow shovels, helping others, in their time of need.  Somehow, this kind of activity, just seemed right and natural.  It was a nice way to get this new decade going.

It is Belvidere Green’s fondest wish that your New Year has gotten off to a good start.  Even though, our cloud based community gathering place was around, for only the last quarter of 2009, many of you have made this past year a special one, for which I will always remember.

Thank you and Happy New Year!